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Welcome to CETALF!

CELINE’S TEACHER AND LORD’S FOUNDATION (CETALF), is an international Christian-based not for profit making organization. Our goal is to identify and assist orphaned,abandoned, disabled and struggling children by providing them with access to privileges that will give them hope. We support to empower and enrich lives, one child at a time.

The name Celine’s Teacher And Lord’s Foundation is drawn from John 13:13 of the Holy Bible, where Jesus told His disciples “You call me TEACHER AND LORD, and you are right because that is what I am”. while, CELINE is the name of the flag bearer of this organisation. So, this foundation belongs to JESUS who is the teacher and lord to Celine hence the name “Celine’s Teacher And Lord’s Foundation”.

Also, because the needs of the communities we serve are many, we seek to impact the poorest of the poor. CETALF identifies children in communities who find it difficult to have food to eat, pipe bone water to drink and have limited access to healthcare facilities. Such communities also have a struggling educational system for example;  one teacher teaches different subjects to pupils/students in more than one classroom.

Nonetheless, with the support from local and international volunteers, donors and well wishers, CETALF provides school uniforms,books,bags, tuition,food, clothing, basic healthcare, and  other school supplies to its beneficiaries.

For our beneficiaries with a disability, we encourage them to exploit their talents and gifts  by supporting them to learn  a trade by attending our recreational  training programs.

Our course of action through your active support  in this service to humanity,will help us give a hurting world and flood victims. This is an amazing opportunity for the individuals and communities we serve, to have a sense of belonging like their pers and be involved in making this world a better place.