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“It is our submissions that will make their world go round”.

-Maya Angelou

Celine Ejoh Njeck , Founder.

Celine Ejoh Njeck , Founder/President

Cameroon born Celine Ejoh Njeck who holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration, is the founder of CELINE’S TEACHER AND LORD’S FOUNDATION (CETALF). Daughter to Mr Njeck Zachee and Mrs Njeck Susan, was raised in a Christian home with three siblings. She grew up with a life long dream to support and empower the less privileged children and today, that dream has become a reality with the birth of CETALF.

Growing up, she witnessed many parents struggling to provide opportunities for their children to live a better life and it was quite a challenge. Some children dropped out of school because their parents could not afford to sponsor them. “It killed me on the inside to hear children from well to do families, make fun of mates who were born disabled  or those often sent home for incomplete school fees and lack of text books”. She said she felt the staring at them from a distance and name calling was “adding fuel to their fire”.

With the burning desire to assist and empower the disabled, orphaned, abandoned babies and less privileged children, she simply advocated for them by sharing her vision with a few friends. By the grace of God, some friends started making Donations to support her mission to pay school fees,buy uniforms, books, pens and other school supplies for children who needed them to go back to school.

She believes if she can help one person to dream again, hope again, believe in humanity again and have a chance to a decent life, they in turn at some point will do the same to others and together, we all can change our world, one person at a time.