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“Our mission is to empower the disabled,orphaned and less privileged children by creating an atmosphere that fosters Educational excellence, Clinical care and Nourishment with focus on the girl child”.

CETALF looks out for the educational needs, health care needs and daily living needs of the less privileged babies, kids and young adults (both boys and girls).

Without discriminating, We also look into the additional needs and areas of vulnerability, which only girls are exposed to. The lack of education is more detrimental to the future of a girl child. She becomes more exposed to  sexual exploitation, early pregnancy which gives rise to the rate of abandoned babies/children.

Also,educating and supporting young girls live a decent life in Cameroon will prevent them from traveling out of the country due to frustration. This will reduce the rate at which young girls fall prey to human traffickers, who take advantage of them to become unpaid house helps, sexually and physically abused them.

When we educate and properly raise up a girl child, we educate a generation.According to UNESCO 2010 global monitoring report, about 250,000 children of primary school age were out of school either because they dropped out, never enrolled or were expected to enroll late. Apart from that,33% of girls are out of secondary school as compared to 22% of boys.

Our driven intervention will help reduce the excellence gap between the less privileged children and their peers. This will go a long way to also empower many young people with academic and artistic potentials reach heights.


CETALF Value Proposition: Privileging the underprivileged, one child at a time.