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“We strive to create a healthy, educated, compassionate and successful community, by breaking the cycle of poverty and giving hope to the disadvantaged and displaced children”.

Providing access to quality educational opportunities for children at all levels through our back to school program, we envision a future with reduced societal embarrassment, confident citizens with cognitive skills, who will blossom quickly and be able to keep up with evolution, promoting development in our Country.

In our home for babies program, CETALF looks forward to a future where every baby experiences Jesus’ promise of love, peace, joy, hope and the feeling of belonging to a family.Ensuring these babies have shelter,food,clothing and access to healthcare services is our priority..

With the CETALF trade and skills program, we envision a future with developed business ideas, art and craft skills,being used by our disabled beneficiaries as their source of income, to cater for themselves and their future families.

Our scholarship program is to promote academic excellence and high cognitive skills in our beneficiaries.We strive to properly raise up educated future leaders who will objectively lead,govern and treat other citizens with empathy, passing on the legacy of being great ambassadors to our nation onto the younger generation.