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Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.

-Leo Tolstoy

Stephen Ajanga

Stephen Ajanga

My name is Stephen Ajanga, 4th child the 5 children to my parents of blessed memory. Like every young form 3 (grade 7) boy, I was full of passion and the inner drive to pursue my education, in order to attain all my career aspirations. I felt so heartbroken watching time go by without me being able to enroll back in school, after the death of my parents.

My siblings and I were living in Tole, a small village in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. Life became tougher for us so, I decided to go work as a laborer in a plantation. This was the best option I had, to raise money to feed and take care of myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with the intense manual labor after working for a while so I quit my job. Later, I decided to go learn how to drive a car and started working as a taxi driver. One blessed day, I picked up a female passenger who happened to be Miss Celine Njeck. While driving to her destination, we were having a conversation. She requested for my cell phone number before she dropped out of the taxi.

Months later, I received a phone call from Miss Celine, asking if I could offer her some driving lessons. I accepted, taught her and she paid me for the lessons. She encouraged me to do my best and enroll in school again. Her words sounded like an inspiration to my passion. I enrolled in an evening school and obtained an Ordinary level Certificate. I was very happy because I knew I was no longer the least among my peers. Several months later, I reconnected with Miss Celine, who had long travelled to the United States, on Facebook. We had a catch-up conversation on my well being. She was pleased with my efforts but told me I could do better. After giving her words of advice a thought, I worked extra hours as a taxi driver, enrolled at the same evening school and passed the Advance Level examination. I couldn’t wait to share this great joy with Miss Celine. She rejoiced with me on my success and offered to sponsor me through the University so that I can obtain a Bachelors degree. This sounded like I was dreaming though I was filled with matchless Joy in reality…..

Blessed enough, I was granted admission to read Political Science and Public Administration in the University of Buea. With the help of the Holy spirit, Miss Celine Njeck has been responsible for my education since then. It’s hard to believe every time I try to think that come December 2017, I will be graduating with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Public Administration. I am out of words to express how grateful I am to the Almighty God for taking me from no where, heading somewhere big through one of his servants. Long Live Celine’s Teacher And Lord’s Foundation with its mission to empower and give hope to the less privileged.

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