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Volunteers will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no volunteers.-Ken Wyman

This is the largest group of our staff. As a charity organization, we rely mostly on volunteers to operate successfully and serve the communities at a larger scale. All volunteering to this work of charity are doing it as a free will and will not be paid for services rendered. We sincerely appreciate your support of any kind, volunteered to add value to another life. Feel free at anytime, to be a part of this outreach program. See more photos



For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard.-Matthew 20:1

This comprise of a small group of our staff. Employees are people with specific professional skill-sets which CETALF needs for the effective and efficient running and managing of the organization. If you join our team and volunteer such services, resources which would have been used to hire and pay an employee, will be redirected to assist more less privileged children.


So He shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them with His skillful hands. -Psalm 78:72

This is the smallest group of our staff. They are a few individuals whose primary role is to forecast and plan, organize co-ordinate, control and report about the overall running of the organization. To add, CETALF officers are fully involved in volunteering their services to areas of needs in the organization.


Barrister Mudi Jude Nfor, member of the Nigerian Bar Association, member of the Cameroon Bar Association, Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Advocate, Solicitor and Notary Public of the Supreme Court of Cameroon and Head of Eno Law Chambers Buea-Cameroon.

Resident Attorney for Celine Teachers and Lord’s Foundation (CETALF) an International N.G.O registered under the U.S. Federal Law with Headquarters in Ohio State.

Resident Attorney for Saint Marceline Binshua Comprehensive College-Nkambe.

General legal practitioner with focus on Registration of companies,land litigation ,Tax litigation, Criminal law and Family law, has from inception been an astonishing player in Cetalf’s activities, ensuring procedures are legally adhered to. To him truth and service builds a community.






Coordinator for Africa

Hannah Takang Eyong is one of the most critical people on Team Cameroon, planning all CETALF’s driven activities in Cameroon, and coordinating communication between Team Cameroon and Team U.S.A. Hannah’s role has recently evolved to be CETALF’s Coordinator for Africa. Hannah has been volunteering with CETALF since its inception even while working full time as an Accountant with Neuerth Trading Cameroon. She is a highly committed volunteer who ensures all CETALF’s projects are carried out within budgeted time frame. Added to her rigorous ability in ensuring the success of each CETALF’s approved program, Hannah plays a huge role in accessing areas with very needy and vulnerable children based of CETALF’s standards. She feels lucky to be favored by God in playing such a lives enriching role in serving less privileged and disabled children.


Social Coordinator for Europe

Besong Etchu is a young professional based in the Netherlands. She is a holder of a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. Besong ‘s decision to join this organization is driven by her love for children and zeal to help the underprivileged. In her own words. When asked why she chose to be part of CETALF amongst other organizations she said “ CETALF unlike most NGO’s is comprised of young people who though trying to make ends meet, still manage to set aside a little to help the disadvantaged. it is motivating to see that in today’s world, we as young people can cater for others”.



Cetalf Secretary General

Sarah Epupa is a young professional. The main drive for my involvement in this organization stems from the environment where I grew up in Cameroon, the struggles that families faced in an effort to provide even the basic needs for their kids. My focus is to share the blessings I have received by giving back to various communities, by creating programs and soliciting ideas and finances which will improve the lives of the children in struggling communities. It feels good to bring joy and hope to the less privilege, and I give thanks to God who gives the strength and provides.